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The IMG Modeling Agency is a major player on the international modeling scene. They have locations all over the world and employ some of the world’s most famous faces. With name like Lily Aldridge, Elizabeth Jagger, Shalom Harlow, and Candice Swanepoel just too new a few in their long list of international models. Although they boast only to represent all female models when visiting their webpage, they do have a male category. This is because they launched a male division in 2012 bringing the agency back into the genre. This took place when Kevin Apana returned to the IMG Modeling Agency. Kevin began his career there but left and went to work for another agency. The other agency grew because of Kevin’s Expertise.

As far as news coverage the IMG modeling agency’s model find themselves at events that make the front pages of the fashion world like the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Apollo Circle Benefit. Their models boast the looks that embody current trends while working with clients who set the world on end with their innovative styles. We see them on television, in fashion publications, and on the movie screens. The IMG Modeling Agency is at the top as one of the industry’s finest agencies in the world. We will understand this from the following reasons.

The IMG Modeling Agency employs almost three thousand people worldwide while operating in thirty countries. After conducting business for the past fifty years their reach in the industry is auspicious with talent ranging from the professional athlete to coaches and super models to movie stars. It all began with a handshake between Mark McCormack and the legendary Golfer Arnold Palmer back in 1960 and has grown to what it is today. They have a leading sports performance research institution that has produced both products and services from an excellent academic and athletic facility. The IMG Modeling Agency has representatives in all facets of both the fashion and the entertainment industries around the globe. The services they offer are league development, media production, public speakers, and strategic initiatives.
In addition, they help with event management, licensing, sponsorships, performance training, consulting, and hospitality. Again, they seem to cover all the areas needed to hold such a high place in the modeling industry. Nevertheless, it is plain to see with a company like the IMG Modeling Agency, that unless you really know they are there, they are a behind the scene operator. Their aggregation of the personalities with the products and brand development for both is what put them at the top of the game, their offices located in New York, i.e. their home, Paris, London, Milan and Hong Kong. It really is no surprise they have the cream of the crop in beautiful women and Male models.

Additionally, like any other trendy business they have a Facebook page, a Twitter page and let us not forget their Wikipedia page found with the following links:


Office Locations:

New York City, New York
304 Park Ave South, Penthouse North
Phone: (212) 253-8884

London, England
8 Flitcroft Street
Phone: 44-20 8233-6770

Paris, France
8 rue Danielle Casanova 5th floor
Phone: 33 1 55 35 12 00

Milan, Italy
Corso di Porta Romana 20
Phone: 39 02 3657 6550

Hong Kong
11 F/Sunning Plaza 10 Hyson Avenue
Causeway Bay
Phone: 852 2894 0288


  • Quamar says:

    To Whom It May Concern: My name is Quamar and I was interested in your agency r u at this time taking submission to your agency regardless of height, weight and age. I read the story of IMG last year trying to do things differently regarding their agencies past standards. Please let me know when u r holding upcoming events for an unsigned star model in the making. Thank you and have a Wonderful day

  • Bingo Luo says:

    we have a job for Maranda kerr in China.Pls let me know who i can contact !

    Thank you
    Best regards

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