If you are just beginner in this industry, or interested in making a break, you should prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Aside from having a professional looking portfolio, it is important to keep your feet on the ground. Also, having a disciplined attitude, focus, and common sense can help you get better contracts and avoid troubles. Here are informative tips on how to go through an interview at a modeling agency:

  1. Preparation is everything. The reason why you need to read modeling agency reviews is because you have to appreciate the uniqueness of a certain agency. Know the location and be early. Make a checklist of all the things that you need to bring – portfolio, resume, documents, among others. Choose three sets of clothes to bring in case they call again for a photo shoot.
  2. Be yourself. Do not do anything unusual to your current looks. In the first place, you were invited for your authentic looks. Take extra care of your hair and skin so you can look good. Avoid putting on extra weight by dieting. You should look much better but not any different from the pictures you’ve sent the agency.
  3. Practice your walk. Projecting yourself professionally can help you a lot. You can learn on your own by watching videos of fashion shows or attending live shows. Check pictures of their current models and observe how they project themselvesTry to interview some friends who are models. Educate yourself by reading modeling articles online.
  4. Be punctual. As soon as you arrive at the agency, notify the talent scout. This makes an impression about your professionalism. Avoid being late. Good modeling agencies are after the attitude of their models.
  5. Take note of all the details during interview. Be mindful of what is going on.Mute your mobile phone.Keep your focus on all instructions given to you and jot them down if possible. The interview will not last for than twenty minutes so give all you’ve got.

After the interview, thank the person. Leave with grace if you’re rejected. If you were asked to come back at a later date, it means you need to change something. So do as instructed whether it’s about your hair ,skin, or weight.

If you are successful , you would be invited for a photoshoot. A contract may be offered to you on-the-spot; however, read all the details. Bring a parent if you are still a minor to guide you. Also, don’t fall for agencies that will charge you fees for your photo sessions. If the agency takes you in, they’ll provide support you need.
Good luck on your search for the best modeling agency!

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